What is Architecture?

The Architecture (Architectural Engineering) knowledge in many branches of the special engineering to construction and the start of construction of the architectural design and construction to maintenance and operational building. And the importance of the architect of it is familiar enough from the building as a whole, so the architect familiar with all aspects of the building in terms of construction, ventilation, movement, electrical connections and also the architectural design. As the architect is responsible for the output of the picture painted by the architect in his imagination to the ground – cares dramatically engineering aspects in buildings (foundations, soil and weights, concrete, electrical wiring and air conditioning in buildings) – undergoing architect on some of the basics of painting design – Specialization close to the specialization of civil engineering and this takes architect lot of subjects of specialization civil Engineering (such as: construction-space-Engineering soil Engineering) – of the material taught in this specialty: (architectural design-construction materials-design computer -alanchaouat-conditioning electrical-wiring-optics and acoustics in buildings).

Architect is responsible for finding the appropriate shape and use spreads stereochemistry .. and knows this specialty with the knowledge of the art of building, and this specialization is interested in the creativity of designs buildings with high efficiency in performance, in terms of planning, construction and lighting. Where it must be available in the student who wishes to enroll in architecture specialization good level in mathematics, physics, economics, computer science, good drawing ability, and the ability to imagine the fact that specialization requires drawings and architectural designs procedure.

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