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DIY Christmas Bell Ornamen

moco-choco DIY Christmas Bell Ornamen Description How To Make. Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Paint, Varnish, Wire, Twine. The Bells are Made of Rustic Cardboard Painted in white Outside, and Decorated in Decoupage Technique. Enjoy [...]

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Crochet Christmas Tree

Overview Do you love to crochet? You can incorporate your favorite craft into your Christmas projects with this tree Crochet for Christmas day. Red Stars on top of These Trees Would Make a [...]

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Crocheted Christmas Baubles

How To Crocheted Christmas Baubles Description These Crocheted Christmas Baubles are the best homemade ornaments you'll ever find. These beautiful ball ornaments are easy to make and will look stunning on your family [...]

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DIY Freckle Felt Ball Garland

3m Freckle Garland DESCRIPTION A 3m String of Joy. Handmade for Down To The Woods in Nepal, these garlands are whimsy in a jar and no two are identical. So many uses; on [...]

The simplest glass painting craft idea: DIY vase

If you asked me what were my top three favorite craft mediums… I would tell you, in no particular order: “Paint. Glitter. Decoupage.” But you probably already guessed the latter two since I’ve made so [...]

What to do with all those eggs?

An Easter egg hunt is one of our favorite traditions, but when all the eggs have been found and the kids have examined their haul you are left with tons of plastic eggs. What on [...]